Kolkata to witness A-First’s ‘Uptown Collection’ on the JFW Runway!

Great things never come from the comfort zone. And this is why to make wonderful things happen it is necessary to do innovation, move out of the comfort zone and be creative. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak a word. This is why it is very important to choose what you wear and how you style it. If you have been wondering from long what are new fashion trends for your junior, don’t look any further.

In the beautiful city of Kolkata, which is also known as the city of joy, Junior’s Fashion Week and A-First come together to present before the audience a never seen before collection, named Uptown Collection, in Autumn Winter 2017 fashion week scheduled on 02-03 September at JW Marriott, Kolkata.

Kolkata will soon be beginning with the celebrations of the pious festival Durga Pooja, and to make it more glamorous and happening, Junior Fashion Week brings a spectacular event where A-First will showcase its colorful collection for the juniors. The UPTOWN Collection, as it is named, showcases designs of carefree fashion for the contemporary kids, with cutest and trendiest styles in the market.

A-First’s Autumn Winter 2017 collection is a plethora of designs, inspired by the joyous experiences of life, ranging from sumptuous candy bar colors to candid sea holidays. Their mission statement is to provide kids fashion for ‘the mass with a touch of class’. The new collection is inspired by customers and their ideas hence A-First makes sure that they live to the expectations. They believe every penny should be worth it, and folks to love their clothing beyond the concept. The best thing to note here is that the entire collection is made with eco-friendly fabrics and is stitched with perfection, to match the international standards.

The creatively curated collection by A-First will help the kids’ style effortlessly by giving them wearables that are as comfortable as daily wear apparels. This new peppy and joyful collection includes everything from a cool skater vibe-like slouchy jean to cargo pants, from a denim dress to comfy hoodie. A-First proudly presents a collection that is also inspired by millions of smiling faces of kids around the world. They believe that if something that has remained untouched over the countless years of industrial revolutions is kids’ smiling faces.

Ajay Sultania from A-First says, “We wish to thank Junior’s Fashion Week and their whole team to put this event together that has allowed us to showcase our collection to a broader spectrum of the kid’s apparel market.”

Junior’s Fashion Week aims at changing the way masses look at junior’s fashion and with brands like A-First, we believe the dream is not far from turning into a reality.

Kolkata, it’s your turn now to do your part.  Come, let’s together make fashion happen.