Lil Angels to dress the toddlers in breathtaking AW collection for Junior’s Fashion Week 2017

Life is a party, dress like it. The joy of dressing is an art. What you wear, is how you present yourself to the world. It is very important what you wear and how you wear it. People often pay special attention to themselves, but generally do not put equal efforts in dressing their kids, which is only sad. You must never underestimate the power of right dressing.

It has always been amazing to see how a piece of clothing could change how one look, feels about himself, holds himself, or even behave. Right clothing at the right time can do absolute wonders. And one such wonderful brand, that sure knows how to woo the hearts of the little ones, is Lil Angels. Well, they do complete justice to their name by dressing the children in breathtaking fairy dresses.

What is even interesting to note here is that the brand comes up a never-seen-before collection this fall. Lil Angels come together with Junior’s Fashion Week to showcase their wonderfully curated collection on the runway of Autumn Winter 2017 in Kolkata, on 02nd and 03rd September 2017. Their new festive collection is inspired from something we see and experience all around us all our lives. Their festive collection is a tribute to the miracle called – Mother Nature. They have used colors which are inspired by nature’s elements.

Nikita Dhandhania and Gunjan Sonthalia, co-owners of Lil Angels, say, “We have depicted mother nature’s vibrancy and vivacity and are using prints and embroideries of giraffe, hippopotamus, deer, and flamingo, etc. The beauty of the natural world lies in the details and the same is true for our collection. Also, we have ensured that our creations provide the same level of comfort and joy which nature provides us with.”

They also express their excitement for the event as they say, “Lil Angels is excited and thrilled to associate itself to Junior’s Fashion Week. We are waiting to showcase our festive collection in our own city of joy – Kolkata. As it’s our first time with JFW, it will enrich us with a new experience and create a new audience for us. This will give us an opportunity to identify our brand not only at a national level but also mark our footsteps into the global market.”

As excited and ready to slay Lil Angels is, we believe so is Kolkata for the event, right?

We say why to waste this golden chance to witness the cutest bundles of joy walk ramp with confidence and passion and stun everyone in the audience. Trust us; it is even better than it sounds. The little toddlers, dressed in beautiful outfits, marching to their own beats, and sizzling the ramp, is probably one of the best views to capture.

Open the calendars, pin the dates, get ready and join Junior’s Fashion Week in the grand celebration of fashion and trends. We await your presence. See you soon KOLKATA!