“A Brand is a story told by the Brand Ambassador”. All this time, while we’ve been having our eyes out at the fashionable attires of children, hold your breath there, for the global brand ambassadors of Junior’s Fashion Week AW’17. A brand ambassador has been a marketer’s oldest trick in the books and an efficacious element. Junior’s Fashion Week is a true blue endeavor to magnify brand’s market value and present the true essence of the brand ambassadors.

In the glimmer of hopes and aspirations, dreams come true with dedication and learning. Junior’s Fashion Week makes juniors enlighten with the fashion world. Well, every parent has a desire to see their kid on top of the world, either as a celebrity or as an upcoming kid model. Here’s an opportunity to make their dreams come true. Junior’s Fashion Week gives a platform to build kids’ confidence and style for their fashionable future.

Who doesn’t want to be in limelight? Keeping in mind the same, JFW assists global brand ambassadors with a solo walk with a brief introduction about juveniles before they hit the ramp. Global brand ambassadors get a chance to become the face of JFW on social media as well as national television.

Whether you are young or old, spotlight has been a reverie for all. To all the juniors out there, grab a shot of the best grooming sessions, proficient photographers, and tremendous media. That’s not all, being a global brand ambassador for Junior’s Fashion Week, you will be featured on a campaign hoarding in all the cities of an edition.

Presenting you the Global Brand ambassadors of Junior’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017:

  1. SAIVI SINGH: It was a surprise when Saivi Singh made her first fashion debut at the age of 6. She is sure an upcoming Diva in the fashion world. “I love fashion, I completely love it” says the young Saivi.  She is one of her kind, beautiful, extremely talented and a joy to be around. With her poise and charm, this little rock star knows how to leave everyone gasping!
  1. KESHAV SONI: While there was never any doubt that Keshav Soni will rock the Runway, the little boy knows how to stun everyone with his style. He is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic juniors we have come across. His virtuosity and confidence will sure take him places.
  1. AAYUSH JAISWAL: Not only Saivi Singh and Keshav Soni made their catwalk debut in JFW AW’17, the little boy, Aayush Jaiswal also took his style with the International brands. He is one talented kid, who knows how to own the label with his personal style and sheer confidence.
  1. ESHAAN VIJAY: Already a firm favorite, with the fashion pack, Eshaan Vijay features his style on the runway. This bright junior right here is undoubtedly a champ. He’s as handsome as he’s talented.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll your child to an amazing platform and let their dreams come true.