The opposite of Networking is ‘NOT WORKING’, said someone smart.  

For the first time in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry, Junior’s Fashion Week introduces Colloquy. It is about storytelling, sharing user experiences, persuasion and conversion all wrapped into one. Colloquy is an open pitching and networking session. Colloquy’s pivotal purpose is to bring together all the kids fashion enthusiasts, guest speakers from all walks of economy, delegates, and like-minded people on a platform where they can exchange ideas, experiences, laughs, discourses and make some friends.


Each domain in the economy, be it marketing, finance, branding or others, branches out differently with their own unique set of goals, business directives and constraints but their goals remain the same – Reaching the Consumers. It all starts with journaling our thoughts, observations and passion into a business plan with the central purpose of marketing our product to the consumers. Conversion is marketing’s biggest challenge. Creating a great product is one step, selling it to the consumers is next.

Colloquy brings to you a space where there is a seamless communication between the speakers and the delegates whose common point of talk would be how to influence consumers in junior’s fashion. It is a convention of intellects where kids’ fashion & lifestyle industry and its consumers will be discussed at length. It will be an informative and productive conclave for people who are on a look out for getting insights from the best gurus in the industry who have their own growth story to inspire and share.

To simply conclude the essence of Colloquy, it is an event designed to invite thought leaders from junior’s fashion industry who will share their success stories and inspire the pool of delegates invited to rejoice the company of these successful entrepreneurs and fellow members. It is a good opportunity to make new connections, get inspired and meet a pool of people who can be your new prospective employer or employee!!

Junior’s Fashion Week launches Colloquy in the city of joy, Kolkata in March. For delegate registration, click here.


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