The best part of planning an event is deciding on the next place of activity. So here I am, all bundled up in excitement as we are called for a meeting (believe me these are the only meetings I love). We are to decide the destination for our next edition! After hours of brainstorming and virtually touring almost all the cities in India, we unanimously arrived at the soul of South India – CHENNAI.

I have never been to the city before but I have heard different versions from different people. My dad still calls it Madras and fondly remembers the childhood days he spent at Sahukar Peth and never ending praises of Marina Beach. The over enthusiastic engineer friend of mine always worshipped Chennai as a Mecca of jobs in Automobile sector (and thankfully is currently working with BMW India). My brother found his wife at Chennai and was no wonder in awe with the city for reasons best known to him. And for every movie buff I know of, Chennai is the home to Rajnikanth Sir.

As for me, I want to visit the city for altogether different reasons, fore mostly to savor the most authentic South Indian cuisine the city offers; secondly I want to visit the temples in Chennai, purely for the architectural marvel they are and thirdly I want to visit a performing arts school and sit back to soak in the true cultural spirit of classical dance form – Kathak & Bharatnatyam.

Junior’s Fashion Week has chartered their ride and scheduled to arrive soon in Chennai. We have been to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and now the most cosmopolitan feather in our cap – Chennai. We hope to create the same affinity with parents and brands alike as we have done in our previous journeys. We are all geared up to create strategic relation with the folks at Chennai, and look forward to everlasting ties of association.

To make your kid a part of Junior’s Fashion Week, Chennai, click here.


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