What can a woman not do? She’s a daughter, a wife, a sister and the biggest of all she is a mother. She is tough, she is ambitious, she is fashionable, she is powerful, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Women are the largest reservoir of talent in the world, that’s what makes them a superwoman. They’re the best at knowing what their kids want, so we’ve tapped into some mommy wisdom and have built a community of some of the best supermom bloggers, who if given wings might actually fly. 


  • JFW’s collaboration with bloggers and social media influencers helps create and maintain the social buzz about the event and the associated brands. 
  • We have developed a network of more than 50+ supermoms who work with us various projects for brand promotions and endorsements. 
  • The bloggers are approached looking at their audience connectivity and their reach.
  • These bloggers are stylish and design-conscious women with international mindset, 25-42 years of age.
  • They are confident with a high level of media know how.
  • They know all the fashion trends, both locally and internationally. While the SuperMoms of Junior’s is undeniably fashionable and style-savvy.
  • Bloggers assist the brands in endorsing their products and promoting the brand through their social handles and blogs. 
  • Bloggers are invited to the event to record and broadcast live updates of both the workshop and the showcase and help maintain constant connection with our audiences. 
  • The updates of the events are shared by the bloggers and on JFW’s official page, both pre and post event.
  • Blogger’s stories and posts are floated on JFW’s official pages which not only maintains a connection with the audience but also with the brands.
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